The Routes

This year rideATAXIA Europe - De FANtastische Fietstocht - will start and end in Geldrop.

There will be 4 different routes to choose from.

  • Cycling, walking, running, rolling, ..., everything is allowed (aka 2 miles).
  • The Short Tour 17km (aka 10 miles).
  • The Medium Tour 50km (aka 30 miles).
  • The Advanced Tour 80km (aka 50 miles).

The location also has the possibility to grab a quick snack, where you can prepare for your Tour or relax afterwards. So just hang out and chill with old or new friends before or after the ride. You can start on your own or in small groups and there is no rush. Remember this day is supposed to be fun(ding) and it's not a competition!

If you don't feel like biking, but just want to contribute to our cause: do join us and maybe take a stroll at, or visit one of sites Geldrop and Eindhoven have to offer.

The cycling, rolling, walking, ... Tour

aka Everything is allowed

With (only) 3,5 km, you could walk this route. Of course, you can also use a bike or even roll with your wheelchair.

The Short Tour

aka The 'Family' route

With its 17 km, this route is very suitable for families with (and without) children.

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The Medium Tour

aka The route for real cyclists

With 52 km, this tour is suitable for people who cycle more often or who have done a bike ride or maybe even a rideATAXIA before.

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The Advanced Tour

At just over 80 km, this route is suitable for more active cyclists or recurring rideAXATIAns.

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Participate without cycling?

If you want to support us, but don't want to ride a bike that day, you are welcome too. Geldrop, with Eindhoven nearby, has a lot to offer!

Let’s make it a FAntastic day together!

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